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Serving the Communities of:

Port Albert, Dungannon, Nile, Sheppardton, Kingsbridge, Kintail & Rural Western Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.

Serving the Beaches of:

Buchanan’s Beach, Bogies Beach, Hunter’s Beach, Lake Huron Resort, Linfield Beach, Brindley Beach, Quaid’s Bay, Green Acres Cove, Martin’s Point, Victoria Beach, Maple Grove Beach, Cedar Grove Beach, Mid-Huron Beach, Lakeland Estates, Birch Beach, Kingsbridge Beach, Huron Shores, Shamrock Beach, Huron Sands Beach, Huron Sands North, Kintail Beach.

The Rest of The World is WELCOME TOO!






8am to 8pm

Tuesday to Sunday


Closed Mondays 








Daily: 11am to Close



Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Fall till Spring


Closed for Christmas Dec 23 to Jan 14 




For retirement, a home or holiday, Port Albert is a hidden GEM on Ontario's West Coast!



Port Albert, on the shore of Lake Huron, Ontario's West Coast, and tucked into the Nine Mile River Valley, truly is paradise!  Don’t take our word for it; come see for yourself how the combination of country quaint and charming people make this a uniquely special place.
     Like the community it serves since 1842, Port Albert General Store & Port Albert Pub have been a mix of old and new in the heart of bustling downtown Port Albert. We're a pub, a grocery store, a restaurant, a convenience store, a gas station, a farm produce market, fishing pro shop, propane exchange station and more. But most of all, Port Albert General Store & Port Albert Pub is the hub of commerce and the heart of life in the community.
  We always strive to be a good and fair merchant and pub keeper in the tradition of “Pete” our wooden greeter. At very least, we create a little fun, and a few laughs for folks who visit. Just ask us, we’ll brag we're a destination you have to visit more than once. 
     Our home-made menu, sourced from local producers, will convince you that Port Albert General Store & Port Albert Pub is worth the trip for fantastic food, unsurpassed weekly specials, famous Pizza and tons more incredible tasting stuff. Our secret family formula has earned our French Frys and Poutine the distinction of being voted FIRST PLACE on the French Fry Freeway on Ontario's West Coast!
      In fact, a very satisfied customer wrote in a recent letter, “I always get gas from Port Albert General Store & Port Albert Pub, just never from their food!” We're confident you'll find your own way to describe your experience at Port Albert General Store.
     Come see us where the air is fresh, the welcome very warm and the parking is always free. And remember, if you like us do the facebook thing and tell everyone, if you don't - KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.